Quickly end the pain and obsession regarding your twin flame, attract them back into your life like a magnet, and leverage this experience to infuse all aspects of your life with love, peace, joy, abundance and purpose!


5 Weeks of trainings and activities with Elle to guide you through the entire proven Magnetize Your Twin Flame® process in a fun, interactive online event!


Yes, you’ve been devastated and brought to your knees by the abrupt departure of your twin flame from your life…but you KNOW this isn’t where the story ends.

Despite all the confusion and pain, you FEEL deep within your being the hope that this is part of some cosmic plan designed to bring you even closer to your twin flame than you ever were before.

That hope means that you know there’s a solution to your situation somewhere.

You deserve love, comfort and to feel cherished…and that’s what awaits you when you implement the simple yet powerful process that Elle will guide you through during this fun & first of its kind Twin Flame event.


You’re ready.


Your time is NOW.


What you will experience at the Magnetize Your Twin Flame® event…


~ “Rules” of this game

~ Where to play

~ When to play

~ Pre-game warm ups

~ Meet your opponent

~ Starting Whistle


April 15th  – GAME SHAPE

~ Focus

~ Pain Deactivation

~ Location


April 22nd  – THE OPPONENT

~ Identification

~ Learning Its Gameplan

~ Familiarization

~ Playing Offense


April 29th  – WINNING

~ Collecting Points

~ Outplaying The Opponent

~ Your Greatest Teammate

~ Going Deep

~ Your Strengths



~ Triumph

~ Celebration

~ Game Recap

~ Post Game


  • ALL start times are 12pm EST

*** LIVE Q&A session on the Friday following each training day at 12pm EST (if included with your ticket package)***




Event Packages

All Packages Come With: Daily Assignments Between Trainings to Help You Implement What you Learn & Get Huge Results



  • 5 weekly trainings/activities 
  • Workbook
  • 5 Weekly Q&As 
  • VIP swag


  • 5 weekly trainings/activities
  • Workbook
  • 5 Weekly Q&As
  • Very own personal coach
  • VIP Swag


Where does the event take place?
This is a virtual event which takes place on Zoom.  You will receive a Zoom link to attend closer to the event time.  Please look for an email from [email protected].
How long will each training session be?
Each training session will last about 1-2 hours.
What do we need to do to prepare for the event?
Nothing at all.  Once you purchase your ticket, you can sit tight and wait for emails from us about the event the first week of March.  It is VERY important that you read these emails because they will contain the Zoom link to access the event and also your workbook that you need to bring with you to the event.  If you do not see any emails from us by March 12th, please be sure to check your spam, junk, promotions, and all email folders.
What if I can’t attend the event at the scheduled time?
No problem! A recording of each day’s training will be available for 48 hours after the training ends. This is so that you have time to complete the training and its associated activities before that week’s Q&A session. IMPORTANT: If you do not think you will be able to watch the recording within 48 hours after each training, then please do not purchase a ticket. We have a no-refund policy. 
Why is it a sports themed event? Isn’t it about the twin flame journey?
Yes, the event will help you learn about and implement the divine process that makes it possible to feel better than ever and become a magnet to your twin flame while improving all aspects of your life.  The sports theme is an analogy that Elle Hari has found correlates perfectly to the twin flame journey and that her students have found helps them resonate with the material better.  Plus, it’s fun! embarassed
Didn’t find your answer here? Send an email to [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you.

April 8 - May 6, 2024


By submitting payment, you agree to our zero refund policy.

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