Be With Your Twin Flame

Be With Your Twin Flame

Hi! My name is Elle Hari

I’m a #1 international bestselling author, teacher, coach, and Twin Flame and Ascension Alchemist. My true purpose in life is to guide people on their Twin Flame journey so they can achieve self-love and abundance, and ultimately, reunite with their Twin Flame.

We’ve helped thousands of students progress on their journeys, I can say that there’s nothing more gratifying than helping people feel inner peace.

After going on my own Twin Flame journey in 2013, I decided to coach and teach students experiencing the same thing. As painful as my Twin Flame journey was, I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world because, without it, I wouldn’t have learned the Divine Truth of Creation, which is necessary for helping others advance on their journeys.

Through my personal experiences and the eye-opening teachings of Liora, I’ve developed revolutionary methods that help my students unconditionally love themselves at the deepest level possible.

Let me help you discover who you truly are, at the soul level, and stop suffering through obsessive thoughts about your Twin Flame. For more information about Twin Flames, check out our Twin Flame blog containing insightful articles.


The Process DIY

The Process is a Do It Yourself System that teaches you the sacred teachings that hold the KEY to being with your twin flame.

Magnetize Your Twin Flame® Coaching Program

Get the coaching you need to Magnetize Your Twin Flame® back into your life.  This program boasts a 100% success rate – meaning that every student in this program has magnetized their twin flames back into their lives before they completed the program!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After because not having everything you want is a b*tch.

NOT on the twin flame journey..yet, but still want to find peace, love, happiness, abundance, and purpose? Happily Ever After is just for you. You can work on your own timetable as you will receive immediate access to all of the modules. Don’t waste another minute being miserable.


Embark on your transformative twin flame journey with our proven guidance, that has produced a 100% success rate. We specialize in unlocking the profound power within you, steering you away from despair and fear towards a love that surpasses your wildest dreams. Our alchemical process converts fear-based energy into pure, beautiful love, guiding you through the challenges of anxiety, identity loss, and loneliness.

As you rise from the depths of numbness and hopelessness, experience a newfound self-love that revitalizes your spirit. What sets us apart is not just the ascent, but the ability to soar. Witness the magic as we empower you to channel that inner fire and passion into a thriving business that not only benefits you but also contributes to a brighter world. Discover self-love like never before, and watch as you come alive. Join our community dedicated to spreading love and light, collectively transforming lives and making a positive impact on the journey we share.


Are They Really Your Twin Flame?


Are They Really Your Twin Flame?

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